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Aloha mai kakou,

Mark Yamanaka
Lei Maile

This evening's podcast was part of a new live video feed. Each week's show will be visible from this web site during the shows recording. Special requests are listed below as well. Click here to hear this show:

Please enjoy this broadcast of new Hawaiian music, most of which you have probably never heard before.

Songs featured in tonightʻs show include:

  • Ka 'Oli O LanikaulaMark YamanakaLei Maile
  • BeautyMark YamanakaLei Maile
  • LightJohnny HelmHisessions Live, Vol. 1
  • Back To YouJon Yamasato & Herb Ohta, Jr.Hisessions Live, Vol. 1
  • Pua MariaKupaoaBumbye
  • Hawaiian SoulKupaoaBumbye
  • Hi'ilaweLito ArkangelMe Ke Aloha
  • Kimo HulaLito ArkangelMe Ke Aloha
  • White Sandy BeachPulamaHi'ipoi
  • Pohai Ke AlohaPulamaHi'ipoi
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