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Aloha mai kakou,

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Please enjoy this broadcast of new Hawaiian music, most of which you have probably never heard before.

Songs featured in tonightʻs show include:

Maunalua He Inoa Maunalua He Inoa Lehua Beauty SEAN NA'AUAO Lehua Beauty Hanohano Hawai'i SEAN NA'AUAO Lehua Beauty Waipiʻo Kī Hōʻalu Sean Robbins Olanui Ka Lehua Sean Robbins Olanui Ebb Tide Chad Takatsugi Ahuwale Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua- Emma Bush Performed By Chauncy Bermodez Aloha Festivals Hawaiian Falsetto Contest Winners Hoe Hoe Na Wa'a- Emma Paishon Performed By Saichi Kawahara, Vern Fernandez,Vince Fernandez Aloha Festivals Hawaiian Falsetto Contest Winners Never Enough Na Leo Pilimehana Colours No Tears Na Leo Pilimehana Colours




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