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Aloha mai kakou,

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Please enjoy this broadcast of new Hawaiian music, most of which you have probably never heard before.

Songs featured in tonightʻs show include:

E Ku`u Morning Dew Eddie Kamae And The Sons Of Hawai`i Yesterday & Today To You Sweetheart, Aloha Amy Hanaiali'i Remembering Napua Hula O Makee Amy Hanaiali'i Remembering Napua He Punahele No ʻOe Maunalua He Inoa Waikiki Hula Maunalua He Inoa He Aloha 'Oe,E Ka Lehua E SEAN NA'AUAO Lehua Beauty ’Ekolu Mea Nui SEAN NA'AUAO Lehua Beauty Ka Pili Oha Lopaka Kanahele Aloha Festivals Hawaiian Falsetto Contest Winners, Vol.III Ka Nani O Ka Pali "Bulla" Kailiwai Aloha Festivals Hawaiian Falsetto Contest Winners, Vol.III Manu 'O'o Na Leo Pilimehana Hawaiian Memories Kona Kai 'Opua Na Leo Pilimehana Hawaiian Memories




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